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Pub Pondering: The White Hart, Waterloo

The alternative title for this post is ‘The Day I Spent Seven Hours at the Pub’. SEVEN HOURS. Don’t worry guys, I know I am a massive legend. But spending such a lengthy period in a pub is just so easy to do when one spends it in the likes of The White Hart.

The White Hart, Waterloo

I can’t help but just j’adore these little back-street boozers that are dotted around Waterloo. I posted recently about another one, The King’s Arms, and they’re just SO LOVELY. I holed up in The White Hart for a pre-panto farewell with my best gal and I can’t really think of a better way to spend a Sunday. Nestled at a rickety table we said our first Merry Christmases of 2013 and swapped gifts.

Yeah SHE knows

Yeah SHE knows


All around were groups of pals doing much the same, settling in for a Sunday session. Pints were being drained, wine glasses refilled. AND WHY NOT especially when there’s such an excellent array of guest ales on. LOOK AT THEM ALL THOSE CRAFTY TEMPTRESSES.

The White Hart, Waterloo


Camden Pale Ale

However this Sunday it was pints of this stuff that had it’s wicked way with me. Cloudy cider is my downfall. Or actually my falldown as that’s generally what happens when I drink it.



Luckily however, what with all this good liquid on offer, the food in this joint is pretty good. I hunkered down on some excellent salt and pepper squid, and then tucked into a cheeseboard that was so good , we ordered another and we didn’t even feel bad about it DO NOT JUDGE US BECAUSE THE STILTON WAS DELICIOUS.

The White Hart Menu


Alongside all the good fodder on offer at The White Hart, what’s actually very pleasant are the sprinklings of humour and personality that pop up every now and then, all adding to the twinkly atmosphere at the place.

The White Hart, Waterloo



If you’re lucky enough to spend the Christmas season in the Smoke, head over to The White Hart if you get a chance, it’s the perfect place to sup at a cup of mull, plus it’s a stones throw from perhaps the best bakery in London, Konditor and Cook. If you can walk past that place without breaking out into lust-filled palpitations at the sight of the brownies, you are a stronger man than most my friend.

In the meantime, my suitcase is packed and I’m armed to the hilt with enough glitter to choke Rudolph. Off to panto-land it is.


Greetings Loughborough, you’re looking good girl.



The White Hart
29 Cornwall Road

Tel: 020 7928 9190


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