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October 2013

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One way to spend a weekend in London

There are worst ways to spend a weekend than this. STEP ONE: SATURDAY LUNCHTIME. Head to your nearest excellent North London boozer for pints of guest ale and pork scratchings made on site. They are THE WORST THINGS YOU CAN PUT INTO YOUR BODY (bar blue WKD perhaps) but they taste oh so fucking good. MMMMM COME TO ME SALTY PORK FAT. STEP TWO: SATURDAY NIGHT Grab your mates, jump on the tube and head to the Southbank for cocktails and LOLZ (fyi, the Concrete Bar by the Hayward Gallery at the  ...

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If I was Queen of the World

Some days I dream about what I would do if I was the Queen of the World. When I am Queen of the World the following rules will apply. Libraries will reopen and get a shit-tonne of funding to re-inject the world with the importance and the joy of reading. They will have bars in them for the grown-ups to host local book clubs and poetry slams and a kids bar in the kids area stocked with Ribena and marmite. Each different London underground line will be recorded in a different accent. Geordie  ...

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