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Pub Pondering: The Kings Arms, Waterloo

Whenever I stroll through the terrace lined streets of Waterloo by the railway, I seem to block out the screeching of the tracks and instead feast upon the rows and rows of little station cottages. I find them industrially romantic, each boasting a different colour door to inspire some beauty in the Georgian two-up-two down pattern.


Roupell Street

Roupell Street

Nestled here amongst the smoke scarred bricks and mortar lies The Kings Arms. You’ll know it because come 5.30 on a weekday, folk are spilling out of the door, so popular is this charming wee drinking hole.

The Kings Arms

The Kings Arms


A gaggle of long-lost university pals, flung from the bosom of Birmingham University across the length and breadth of the country chose this humble, wooden floored tavern that teems with history for a mid-week get-together.


IMG_0586 IMG_0618 IMG_0667 IMG_0714


What’s so lovely about this back street boozer, is how it feels like being in a beery rabbit warren. The bar is circular, forming a central hub where folk clamour to get their hands on a few pints of real ale. Wander off down one of the wonky corridors and you’ll find yourself in a cosy snug, lit by an open fire or in an airy annexe, allowing it’s punters to feel tucked away in private little nooks and crannies.


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The pub takes real pride in its history, with a concise history of the pub’s back-story pinned up in the ladies, so that you can learn while you wee. GENIUS EDUCATIONAL TOOL. There’s also a cracking selection of guest ales to choose from. Although on this particular night the cloudy cider wooed me into its psireny clutches once more, my pal Izzy wasted no time in getting stuck into the stout. ATTA GIRL.

what a woman

what a woman


Pints were sunk, watches were glanced at, and the ticking hand moving ever closer to the next weekday morning was shrugged off as old chums laughed and shrieked and embraced. Sometimes you just have to deal with it being a school night and be okay with a teeny pulsing in your temples at work the next day (naughty cloudy cider). How lucky I am to be a member of this glorious group who are all so busy pursing dreams and working their tits off that when we do manage to get together it feels like a total celebration, even on a wet Wednesday night! CALLOOH CALLAY!

IMG_0597 IMG_0609 IMG_0627 IMG_0640 IMG_0654 IMG_0669 IMG_0674 IMG_0678 IMG_0708 IMG_0716
Once you’ve fought your way past the blustery blokes in suits winding down after a hard day in the office and staked your claim on a corner in which to set up camp you’ll find yourself holed up for the evening. BEWARE THOUGH- One pint will probably turn into five. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.


The Kings Arms
25 Roupell Street

Tel: 020 7207 0784
Tweet: @thekingsarmsse1
Nearest tube: Waterloo

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