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Don’t we look pretty! Designs by Alexandra Bucktin

You may have noticed there’s been a bit of a makeover here at Bloody Hell Brennan. YEAH WE LOOK REALLY FIT DON’T WE!

A little while ago I made a heart-felt plea for a talented graphic designer to help me re-design the site. I’m good at typing things in capital letters and being a bit sweary but tech and design I’ll admit is a little beyond me.

REJOICE! Enter the wonderful Alexandra Bucktin stage right!

graphic design guru

This is Alex drinking some tea. Isn’t she pretty.


Alex and I go back to heady school days when we used to have competitions as to who could tie their tie shorter. Thankfully our friendship has lasted longer than the length of the ties and the rolled up school skirts, and she now works for graphic design company Bulletproof but also does a wonderful business in her own freelance designs. I approached Alex and told her I wanted a blog re-design that suited the style and tone of Bloody Hell Brennan (whatever the tits that may be) and some business cards to match. Together we started pinning on a Pinterest board (by the way, SO glad pinterest wasn’t invented when I was doing my degree. I would have failed on my ARSE because I would have been too busy looking at endless pictures of cupcakes and bathrooms. Weirdly addictive.) which ended up looking a bit like this:


She went away, wiggled her pencils and came up with some utterly wonderful ideas, my favourite of which we ran with. Clever Alex  found something which captured my blogging essence and based it on my favourite tipple: Hendricks Gin. AND TAKE HEED OF THE WONDERFUL RESULTS!

(P.S- that’s not my actual phone number by the way. I have learnt from my adventures in online dating that giving your number out on the internet is not the wisest idea of all time.)

I had the cards printed via Moo who provided a really tip top notch service, they have a gorgeous shiny finish and the easiest uploading software EVEN FOR TECHNO-BELLENDS LIKE MEEEEE!


I realised I liked carrying around these pretty little indicators of my stuff so much that I asked Alex to also design some for my performing work. These had to have a different vibe, but I didn’t want to just have my normal acting headshot on a bit of card. I wanted something a little more colourful, warm and natural.  And this is how we roll:


SO MANY PRETTY CHOICES! In the end we went with these below, all of them slightly different. I like to think I’m like the new Pokemon- COLLECT ALL OF THEM TO WIN A PRIZE (wait, did you win a prize if you collected all the Pokemon? I never did that. I was too cool. Too cool and too busy reading all the Babysitters Club books.)

Katie2-4 - Copy
So, if you’re looking for anything you need designed, be it web, business cards, invitations, posters DO get in touch with Alex, she’s absolutely brilliant and SUPER talented. Find out more about her beautiful work on her website HERE.


Hope you chaps enjoy the new design. RIGHT BYE NOW I’m off to make a big old Hendricks to celebrate.



  1. Phil B

    October 18, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    Very nice, looks tasty!

    1. bloodyhellbrennan

      October 18, 2013 at 5:08 pm

      Thanks phil! Glad you like it!

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