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September 2013


What I have learned about Online Dating

I’ve been single a long time right? So long in fact I wrote a show about it, Song of the Single Girl (making it’s return to the London scene soon watch this spaaaaace!). I’m pretty qualified at being single. I know how it works. There’s lots of things that perpetually single folk like me hate. One is the assumption that we’re all really depressed, watching Bridget Jones on repeat (I’m PRETTY SURE my face will never get eaten by an alsatian). Another is  ...

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Books, Lifestyle

‘IT’ by Alexa Chung. It’s not very good.

Alexa Chung, the girl-next-door-come-fashion-icon, famous for her Peter Pan Collar fetish more so than her TV presenting career has written a book. I use the word ‘written’ in the loosest sense of the word I might add, because having picked it up and flicked through it, I was gobsmacked at its arrogant shoddiness. I am but a humble, nobody blogger who has never been, and probably never will be  celebrated as a ‘fashion icon’ (given my penchant for still slumming  ...

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Books, Top Five

Top 5: Roald Dahl Books

Given that today is the Official Roald Dahl Day, I thought this would be a good time to do my top five wondercrump Roald Dahl reads. JOIN ME WON’T YOU. When I was in my final year of my English Lit degree at University (of Birmingham- big up the brum WHEYYYYYYY), I specialised in Children’s Literature. This basically meant I didn’t have to read any Jane Austen (and oh how I whooped. I know she’s kind of a big deal and everything but she’s a bit bonnet-y and  ...

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Festival of Neighbourhood Finale at The Southbank Centre

All Summer the wonderful Southbank Centre has been running a Festival of Neighbourhood, crammed to the hilt and teeming with events, performances and workshops all linked by the theme of neighbourhood, bringing the folk and communities of London closer together. Choirs, bake sales, crafting, gardening, country dancing- you name it.  The Southbank Centre is such a beacon in the Arts world, celebrating what it is to be human and express oneself through art and community at all times, with so  ...

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