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August 2013

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Restaurant Reckoning: Chez Mumtaj, St Albans

Nestled in between all the favourite chain restaurants lining the high streets of St Albans, Chez Mumtaj makes for a shining beacon of elegance and incredible food. Their tagline is Modern French-Asian Dining, but really they should change it to ‘Whatever We Cook is Fucking Scrumptious.’  From the outside the place looks like an unassuming office block. Once you’re inside though, it’s gorgeous. Soft lighting, lots of wood and leather, piano jazz singing out from the  ...

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Poems Vs Pythagoras: Why the arts are essential for kids

Recently, I wrote a post about why it is absolutely essential to find what you’re good at ( I still think this is absolutely true. And here’s a living example for why I believe this stands, and additionally why I believe the arts, especially for young people, are so important. This week, I have been teaching at a performing arts summer school for kids aged from 4-14. Teaching drama to kids is something that lots of actors do, and that something that I am well  ...

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