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small pleasures and daily sparkle

I always carry a notebook round with me. In it, I scribble funny things I hear, shopping lists, notes from exhibitions I’ve been to, lists of films and books I need to see and read (is it really a travesty that I haven’t seen ‘Independance Day’?!), scraps of poems I like and ideas for blogs and articles. I also write down a few things I’m grateful for each day. The reason I do this, is because it really makes you actively search for the good things in life, the sparkle in the everyday, and when I look back on them at the end of each week, I always grin. So I thought I’d perhaps start sharing these small pleasures and things I am grateful for with you.

Week beginning 10/06/13

• Fresh bedding.
• A woodpecker tapping merrily away on our clothes line post as I was getting ready for work.
• Ripe cherries
• The man who sells fruit on a stall outside Holborn tube station who shouts about his wares in a broad cockney accent, who I heard say to his mate, “CAHM ON TOM, THESE NARNAS AIN’T GONNA SELL THEMSELVES YA MUPPET.”
• That bit in ‘Dirty Dancing’ when Patrick Swayze is dancing with no top on and his back muscles are all rippley and ‘Hungry Eyes’ is blasting. Yeah.
• Bumping into a dear chum on a jam-packed tube in the morning.
•Stewed rhubarb.
• A discussion about this brilliant speech from Emilia in Othello on Radio 4:

“But I do think it is their husbands’ faults
If wives do fall: say that they slack their duties,
And pour our treasures into foreign laps,
Or else break out in peevish jealousies,
Throwing restraint upon us; or say they strike us,
Or scant our former having in despite;
Why, we have galls, and though we have some grace,
Yet have we some revenge. Let husbands know
Their wives have sense like them: they see and smell
And have their palates both for sweet and sour,
As husbands have. What is it that they do
When they change us for others? Is it sport?
I think it is: and doth affection breed it?
I think it doth: is’t frailty that thus errs?
It is so too: and have not we affections,
Desires for sport, and frailty, as men have?
Then let them use us well: else let them know,
The ills we do, their ills instruct us so.”

Othello, Act IV, Sc. iii

  • A big burly tattooed chap with a purple beard sat next to a woman in impeccable 1940’s dress on public transport
  • My mum’s lamb recipe for lamb burgers.
  • Chatting to my Dad as we both wind our way to work between 8.40am-8.50am,
  • This youtube video of what ‘Get Lucky’ would sound like in different musical eras:
  • Finding the most irritating article written in the world, ever:
  • Feeling like you are winning with a toptable offer for dinner and bargain tickets to a WINNER of a show (seriously, 50% off all food at Med Kitchen Soho via toptable, and get tickets immediately to see Merrily we Roll Along. GO! GO GET THEM NOW!)MWRA_ES_Portrait_ONLINE
  • Feeling like you are cheating the system even more by avoiding theatre bar prices, buying gin-in-tins from Sainsburys Local beforehand and emptying them into plastic cups in the loo. DON’T JUDGE ME I’M POOR.
  • Feeling better about myself once I’d seen these before and after photoshop gifs:

• walking into a bar after work to meet a handsome man who buys you gin
•spending a weekend with my family- the bants are unparalleled.
•cloudy cider
•celeb spotting in Crouch End- Gareth Malone and Russell Brand in one day. DIVERSE.
•a road trip armed to the hilt with good pals, a banging playlist and enough Percy pigs to kill a child (seriously- I think they put crack in Percy pigs. They’re IRRESISTIBLE.)
•old recordings of ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue

So if you’re struggling to feel chirpy on this Monday, maybe try it for a week. Writing down and focusing on the little, small things rather than the huge despairing things. Go on, sprinkle a little sparkle on this week, I think the weather needs a hand in spreading some sunshine.

Have a cracking week you beauties xxxxx

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