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cheers chums, and a poem you might want to read

I just wanted to say a big old thanks for the incredible response I got regarding the ‘being brave’ blog ( It felt a bit like I had touched an open nerve with lots of people, and the amount of messages and love I had thrown at me, people going “YEAH I FEEL LIKE THAT TOOOOO!” was both very touching and incredibly reassuring. So hey, THANKS GUYS. Also thrilled that people have adopted the phrase ‘fan the shit out of it’ into their vocab.

So, I was working hard and fanning the shit out of life on the bank holiday and was stretching out my brain by reading a new book of poetry. I came across this poem by Myron Lysenko, and I wanted to REJOICE, as I felt as though I was hearing another voice speaking up from the page saying, “Yes, this bit when you’re not a teenager but you’re not a grown-up is tricky, isn’t it?”. It read like a simple ode to all of us lost graduates, who are trying to work out how to be a grown-up. So I thought you might like to have a gander at it. It’s not exactly cheerful, but it made me feel again like we’re literally not on our own folks! Isn’t that wonderful!


Enjoy xxxx

Pets and Death and Indoor Plants

We’re becoming old enough
to want to change our lifestyles;
we’re looking for substitutes
for sex & drugs & rock & roll.

 But our dog…died
our cat…collapsed
budgies… wouldn’t… budge.
Our roses…sank
our ferns…fizzled
cactus…carked it.

Yet seated around roast dinners
our parents still talk about
the possibility of grandchildren.

Our minds…boggle
our bodies…fidget
our voices…falter.

We’re still immature
& we’d like to be
for a few years yet.

The world’s not ready for our baby;
we’re not ready for the world.
We’re still trying to learn

 how to make love properly;
still trying to come to terms
with pets & death & indoor plants.

 Myron Lysenko

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