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February 12, 2013

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Valentines, Schmalentines

I write this with a pussy between my legs. Seriously, our house cat, Toby, has finally decided to shun his laddish ways and show some affection and he has wedged his way in-between my laptop and thighs, nestling down for some love somewhere between machine, flesh and sofa. Who can blame him? Loneliness strikes even the strongest amongst us from time to time. I have been single since pretty much forever. It’s becoming (worryingly) a real defining feature of who I am. Hell, I’m  ...

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A Tune for Tuesday

greetings fellow tuesday loathers! on this grey and nipple-freezingly chilly Tues, let’s have a belter. This song would consistantly make my Top 5 Songs of all time, and here’s 5 reasons why. 1. The band share it’s name with a well-known canine musical theatre icon, and I just happen to have had a Wizard of Oz fetish my entire life. 2. THE CONGA BASED SWEET SWEET BEAT. 3. The blend of the marima and kalimba is just exquisite. 4. The bit before each chorus when the drums go  ...

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