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What the F actually IS self care?

Do you ever feel like you can’t move without being bashed in the face by a trend? Like, a few years ago, everything was emblazoned with owls. Then pineapples. Then Cactuses. Now Flamingos are popping up all over the place. Who makes these decisions? (p.s definitely bought into all these trends. Our house is littered with copper and rose gold pineapple accoutrements.)  I notice it with phrases and lifestyle trends as well. We had ‘Clean Eating’ and lol look how well that  ...

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Roast, Borough Market

Usually when I venture to Borough Market, I grab something delicious and tasty from one of the many excellent vendors and stall, munching it down as I take a slow stroll around the halls and then down onto the Southbank to sup a couple of (admittedly overpriced) pints by the river. Last Sunday I broke with tradition and instead, ticked off one of my London restaurant bucket list entries, plumping for a table at Roast. Roast sits above Borough Market, and obtains a lot of produce from the  ...

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Older, Wiser.

**Trigger warnings- Anxiety, Depression, Self-Harm** The thing was, I had to take a breather from my blog. It’s always brought me so much joy, and to write about things when the going got tough was incredibly cathartic. But all of a sudden, it changed. Because, well, I changed. I’ve made no excuse for my brutal honesty about my mental health conditions in the past here on my little patch of the internet. When things have been terrible, I have written. It’s helped me make  ...

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Eats and Drinks

A Private Chef at Home

I love hosting dinner parties. They are probably the only ‘adult’ thing I’m pretty sure I do well. Having a bunch of loved ones, sat round my table I am in my element, sloshing more wine into their glasses and insisting on giving everyone second helpings. I’m pretty well versed at choosing my dinner party menus carefully- I mean, I’ve watched 539749747 episodes of Come Dine With Me, so I know that you need a balance between spending time with your guests, and  ...

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